West Hill is a people, a place, and an idea. We are a community living out a progressive faith, striving to make a positive difference in our own lives, the lives of others, and the world.

Based in Scarborough Ontario, we have supporters as close as our neighbourhood and all over the world.  You belong with us! Connect with us in person, on the web, or here. We look forward to the journey with you.

Our mission:

Moved by a reverence for life to pursue justice for all, we inspire one another to seek truth, live fully, care deeply and make a difference.

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Inspired by Hollywood - ROOM

Our inspiration this Sunday is drawn from the movie ROOM.

"Both highly suspenseful and deeply emotional, ROOM is a unique and touching exploration of the boundless love between a mother and her child. After 5-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his Ma (Brie Larson) escape from the enclosed surroundings that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a thrilling discovery: the outside world. As he experiences all the joy, excitement, and fear that this new adventure brings, he holds tight to the one thing that matters most of all--his special bond with his loving and devoted Ma."

"Led by incredible work from Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay, Room makes for an unforgettably harrowing and undeniably rewarding experience." -Critics Consensus, Rotten Tomatoes


Courage To Be

Courage to Be program.
Bring your lunch or depend on the generosity of others but don't miss out on the conversation taking place over the next few weeks.
We will be exploring both West Hill and The United Church of Canada and entering into a vibrant,
 two part conversation about our synchronicities,
our dissonance, and how we continue to build a promising future.

‎Opportunities to engage

Session 1  is offered on four occasions: 
Sunday Jan. 31; 12:30-4 (bag lunch)
Thursday Feb. 4; 1-4
Thursday Feb. 4; 7-9 (virtual, if required)
We will need a minimum nuber of participants to offer a virtual session of the program, so if you are interested, please register with the office. Thanks!

Session 2  is offered on three occasions: 
Sunday Feb. 7; 12:30-4 (V&T lunch)
Thursday Feb. 11; 1-4
Thursday Feb. 11; 7-9 (virtual, if required)

Please RSVP regarding which sessions you will attend
416-282-8566   admin@westhill.net



Food for Thought

February at West Hill is shaping up to be delicious.

We have two evenings for the family chef to take a break.

February 9th is Pancake Tuesday, when gretta and her team will be serving up the best flap jacks in West Hill! A plate of your favourite of pancakes is just $7, come on out to chat, dine and support West Hill!

Februray 27th will be our first Pasta Supper, and you can bet it's going to be fantasic!

Grab a ticket from the kiosk or call the office to reserve (tickets $20) and we'll make sure you don't leave hungry! We'll make sure to have something special on our new Big Screen, so stay tuned!



Scarborough Bitumen Free Future - Group Meeting

  On Tuesday February 9th, West Hill United will welcome the SBFF, a satelite of "East End Against Line 9" group. The meeting begins at 6:30 and all are welcome!




Freeze tar sands expansion and make a bold commitment to a just, clean energy economy.

Statement of Purpose

 We are an independent committee of East End Toronto residents opposing  a dangerous plan to pump hazardous tar sands oil across our city. In this regard, East Enders support the front-line efforts of the indigenous peoples along the entire Line 9 route in defending their land rights.

We oppose the shipment of toxic tar sands and fracked oil through Toronto, whether by pipeline or rail. We call for an end to Canada’s addiction to fossil fuels, the main cause of climate change, and a rapid transition to a clean energy economy.

We also call for a government that is responsive to the needs of Canadians, of future generations, and of those people around the world feeling the most severe impacts of climate change.

To learn more or get involved, please visit the website eastendnotar.org


Inspired by Hollywood - Inside Out

The second movie of Gretta's Inspired by Hollywood series this year was suggested by a physician in the congregation who specializes in psychotherary. Inside Out, Pixar's hit animation film, explores emotions, memory, and thought. And while you might think that an animated film could only provide a simplistic understanding of such complex things, the truth is that there are a lot of things we all hold in common. Inside Out puts it out there in a way that is touching, and incredibly accurate.

Dr. Paul Ekman has spent his life exploring emotions. In this short video, he explains how he came to the belief that there are basic emotions that all humans experience and basic facial expressions we exhibit when we experience those emotions.

 For more information on Ekman's work and the exploration of emotion, enjoy this Malcolm Gladwell article, "The Naked Face."


Conversation Around End of Life Decisions

Just under a year ago, in February 2015, the Supreme Court struck down the federal law prohibiting physician-assisted dying. The ruling applies to a competent adult who clearly consents and whose medical condition is grievous and irremediable, including an illness, disease or disability that causes suffering that is intolerable to the individual in the circumstances of his/her condition.

Governments had been allowed one year to consider the development of new laws and practices for physician-assisted dying. Ontario joined 10 other provinces and territories in establishing ansdvisory group of patient, health care, ethics and legal experts to examine physician-assisted dying.This organization spoke with experts from around the country and has released its final report and recommendations.
Ontario wants to understand your views about physician-assisted dying and end-of-life care decisions. Your feedback will be used to inform the government’s approach to the sensitive and complex topic of end-of-life decisions and will help ensure that any future laws or policies meet the needs of people, respect personal wishes and support death with dignity.

West Hill would like to invite you to join in conversation about End Of Life Decisions. Please join us at 7:00 p.m. on February 16th in the church lounge.

Further reading:    Health Quality Ontario


Inspired by Hollywood Series - January 24th through February 28th



Returning to West Hill on April 23rd, the wonder of Rick Miller's band Train Wreck.

A combination of party and persona, Train Wreck entertains and enlightens as its musicians and back-up singers frame the shifting caricatures of pop legends that channel through Rick to enchant audiecnces. Our newly renovated venue will vibrate with energy and song and be the perfect way to shake off the winter blues.

Tickets are $20, and can be purchased in advance through the office. Don't wait too long, this year we are likely to sell out!

Once again, a cash bar and refreshments will be available. 


How you can help: Supporting Gretta and West Hill during the UCC Review Process

This past May, Gretta was notified by the Toronto Conference of The United Church of Canada that she would be required to submit to a review of her “effectiveness”. This review is intended to examine her theological beliefs as expressed at the time of her ordination. This is the first time that an ordained minister in the United Church has been subjected to this type of review and a special process was sought by the Conference from the General Secretary of the General Council. Although the impetus for it is not fully clear, it appears to stem from a significant increase in recent media attention being paid to Gretta and West Hill United because she has publicly identified as an atheist, a label which is consistent with her lack of belief in a theistic, interventionist, supernatural being called God.
Gretta speaks at Burlington Baptist

We find it troubling that no one representing any level of the church has been to visit West Hill in over a decade to see what we are doing or to discuss our ministry. No one has found the work we do at West Hill important enough for the wider church to suggest it be the focus of a conversation at Presbytery, Conference, or elsewhere.

Similarly, no one from any of the church courts has tried to engage Gretta in dialogue about her beliefs and ministry despite her accessibility and willingness to respond to any who inquire. The requirement to appear before a review committee is the first invitation to dialogue but it falls within the disciplinary structure of the denomination. 
Despite the lack of invitation to dialogue on the part of the church, Gretta and her legal counsel asked the General Secretary and her team of advisors to enter into a conversation with a view to exploring an alternative to the normal judicial process. That request was denied. The response from the church continues to be no dialogue, no conversation.
During this time many of you have been asking “what can we do?” In the hopes that a conversation with the church would be forthcoming we kept saying……”stay tuned”. Now that the church has formally drawn that line in the sand we are asking for your assistance. There are a number of ways you can be involved and we are asking you to do that. 
These are links to some of the ways you can get involved. If there is something else you would like to do and you have the know how and energy to do it, please be in touch (That's our special email address for this initiative) and let us know.  
Thanks so much for becoming involved. We firmly believe, and have always believed, that this work is work that belongs within The United Church of Canada. Thank you for helping us make sure that it remains so. 

An Evening With ANNE WALKER

Tickets On Sale Now!


Friends Of gretta vosper Association invites you to

“An Evening With Anne Walker”  

On Saturday Jan. 30, 2016, 7:30 (doors @ 7)

Many have asked,"How can I show my support for Gretta?"

Here’s one way: join us for an intimate evening with Anne Walker. Enjoy some wonderful music, perhaps place a bid or two on some exciting auction items and show Gretta that you stand side by side with her.

If you are unable to attend, please consider donating a ticket and we'll make sure to invite someone who might not have otherwise been able to attend.

Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased before and after church or by calling the office 416-282-8566

Thank you from the

Friends Of Gretta Vosper Association

CLICK to read about how you can help support gretta and West Hill during the UCC review process.