Fundscrip Gift Cards

Do you shop, dine, or gas up at any of these great Canadian retailers? If so, read on...

Sample Retailers 

Buy GIFT CARDS through West Hill United Church for everyday purchases, to give as gifts for birthdays or the holidays, or for your business needs. 

The FundScrip program allows us to turn our everyday spending into extraordinary results! 

From 1% to 10% of our everyday purchases will be automatically donated back to West Hill United Church! 

Imagine buying groceries and gas, clothing, and entertainment, things you already buy each week from your favourite stores, while earning money back to West Hill United Church.

A complete list of retailers is available at on the FundScrip website at Retailers. Also, there is a list of the current special deals at the bottom of this page, or at this page.

Hmm....Sounds good. So, what’s the catch?

The catch, if there is one, is that you need to be a little organized in your shopping; however, you already buy groceries and gas on a regular basis. You know how much you spend and where you like to shop. So, as it turns out, the idea of buying gift cards for those purchases a couple of days in advance isn’t such a “catch” after all. Just imagine, if you spend $200/week on groceries and you pre-purchase your grocery gift card through our group, that is $6.00 back to West Hill United Church per week.

In 10 months, you alone could earn a minimum of $240.00 back to West Hill United Church, simply by doing something you do everyday … and that is just groceries. Add gas, entertainment, and clothing and that amount will rise substantially.

The only other "catch" is that you need to come to the Church to pick up your purchases...or you could designate someone to pick up your purchase on your behalf.

What’s in it for me?

When you buy a gift card from us at face value, you pay nothing more and you can still take advantage of any in-store promotions, such as coupons, specials, or points programs. These cards are just like cash. The only difference is that you raise funds for our group. You can help make a difference and be part of the solution toward achieving our fundraising goals.  For example, if you buy a $25 Mark’s Work WearHouse card, the group gets $1.75 and you get a $25 Mark’s Work Wear House gift card. And please remember gift cards for those purchases outside of just gas/groceries … birthdays, anniversaries, entertainment, clothing!

How to Participate

There is a limited selection of cards that are made available at the Church each week, which can be purchased via cheque or a cash payment. However, these are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

To ensure that you do receive the cards you need, you can either supply the FundScrip coordinators with a completed order form and payment in Church, or place your own order directly on the FundScrip website. Enrollment is easily done via Enrollment Link.