Women ROCK! Program
Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 11:33AM
West Hill United

Once again, we are getting ready to set the stage for Women ROCK! 
In celebration of International Womens' Day, on March 8th, we would like to welcome the Women of West Hill to sing back-up with our favourite band  TRAINWRECK.


We are vere excited to be hosting an evening with Rick Miller's band, Train Wreck on April 11th. It is going to be an exciting night as we step into the band scene in our intimate venue and an exciting night for us as we welcome back friends Rick Miller and Stephanie Baptist!

But your role that night might amaze you even more! Consider what it would be like to be a back up singer for Train Wreck! Totally AWESOME! If you've ever flipped up your soup spoon or shampoo bottle when no one was around and rocked those songs we all so love. well, baby, it's time to come clean: you're a diva and you know it!

Led by Stephanie Baptist and her diva companions, you'll choose a favourite song from Train Wreck's incredible repertoire, learn the words and the oo-oo-aahs. get some choreography down, and polish your singing voice. Then, on the night of the concert, you'll be the back-up singer for your very special moment in the limelight. 

The facilitated Women Rock workshops are scheduled for Wednesday evenings in April Get those dates in your calendar now!

We're working to accommodate as many divas as possible so reserve your spot early by contacting the office.Costs for participation is $50/person; $20 for participants under 20. If the cost is prohibitive, please speak with gretta. Register by contacting the office.

Here are the official dates! 

April 5   - Introduction/ musical direction                          
April 12 - Choreography                                         
April 19 - Rehearsal                                               
April 26 - Optional rehearsal for duo/trio groups    
April 29 - sound check and SHOWTIME            
Consider how much fun it would be to grab a friend or two for a duo or trio!



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